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Upcoming Projects

The Quirky, Spit-on-your-Fork Waiter in Divorce School, a new tv series in development. Written and Directed by Dana Marisa Schoenfeld. 

WINNER! of BEST PILOT - The Garden State Film Festival 2020!

WINNER! of BEST TV SERIES - New York Film Awards 2020! 

WINNER! BEST WEB SERIES  -Top Shorts Film Festival 2020! 

WINNER! of BEST TV SERIES - Los Angeles Film Festival 2020!

Beta Bro - Gary's Co-Worker in Why The Bartender Hates You!, a new webseries. Written & Directed by Oliver Martin.

Co-writer (with Kevin Thacker) of new delicious, theatrical play entitled, Zombie, Zombie. Actively in the market to have produced in NYC area, but open! Script is out and about! Contact for info or interest!

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