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Current & Upcoming Projects:

  • Dirty Brush Art Manager in "Skully & The Mole: Crack The Case," on YouTube Kids & Peacock TV.

  • Fred Fish in "Rise of Wall Street," docu-series on Curiosity.

  • Basil Weinhouse in "Sunny Achers," a new comedy series in production.

  • Dualidemon, a gender fluid villain with a Jekyll & Hyde complex in "Bravely Broken," a new animated super-hero series in production.


  • The Quirky, Spit-on-your-Fork Waiter in "Divorce School," a new comedy series, written & directed by Dana Marisa Schoenfeld. 

  • WINNER! of BEST PILOT - The Garden State Film Festival 2020!

  • WINNER! of BEST TV SERIES - New York Film Awards 2020! 

  • WINNER! BEST WEB SERIES  -Top Shorts Film Festival 2020! 

  • WINNER! of BEST TV SERIES - Los Angeles Film Festival 2020!